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  • Hope today is filled with joy!

    Wishing you all the best today. It only comes once a year, so enjoy every single minute!

    Hi, Scott. I'm well, thanks. Hope the same with you. I've been extremely busy-- got married 6 months ago. A light pole fell on our Rover on the way to BWI for the honeymoon. Still fighting over that-- it figured that the idiot that hit the pole had no insurance, Home improvements, working too many hours, etc. I have enough cues so haven't been looking. I take it the the Sutton thread was pulled? Take care, Alex.
    Thanks for the comment!! i got lambasted for it, and I admit that I took it too far, but it made for an interesting night of color commentary ;)
    i hope I can hit some ball with it someday, wow its nice. the colors are all so perfectly matched, lots of cues have the same colors but they clash. your colors all have the same tone, or palate, i dont really have the right word i'm looking for except to say all the colors work well together, its easy easy on the eyes.
    your welcome, i'm dead serious, I like everything about that cue, its a players cue and those are my favorites. I wasnt being sarcastic, my boar is fancy but its art and a pissing contest on who an use a CNC machine the best. I will say that Boars are my favorite playing cues. But your cue has my vote as it is perfect in everyway and is still a cue-not a pissing contest for a mueseum. I like owning a few fancy cues, awalys have but player cues with points turn me on the most. So Congrats.


    you have the 3 tennors? in your avitar. remember them? Pavority and the 3 other guys. 3 big men that are the best in their biz, I'm just out making friends tonight, times are difficult and the stress is high, to high. My dr said to do something relaxing more often, so tomight i'm making friends herer, I played 4 hours today,

    my best to you

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