CSI Predator US Pro Series-LAS VEGAS OPEN (23-26 March 2022), 9ft, $125K Prizemoney, 192 players


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Anyone know about this Zielinski best pool shot in 55 year's watching from one of the commentators?
He mentioned it in finals, can't find it on highlight reels.
I think it was in the Zielinski vs. YL Chang match, which was not streamed (at least not on the arena table).

Guy Manges

Billy Thorpe having received a 2-year ban and allowed to play only 3 months since? Well, good for him, but that's a disgrace. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against a player personally, but if WPA was trying to follow WADA code or anything like that when implying their decision, then stick to it. Otherwise, this totally devalues any future verdict of such a kind.
Half the time I don't think that the WPBA No's whats going on... To many departments...