CSI Predator US Pro Series-LAS VEGAS OPEN (23-26 March 2022), 9ft, $125K Prizemoney, 192 players


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3rd leg of 2022 CSI Predator 10 ball US Pro Billiard series kick off today. This is lead up event to the biggest 10 ball event of the year – World 10 Ball Championship (28 March-1 April). There is also Women’s Last Vegas Open event from 30 March-2 April https://probilliardseries.com/event/1672/

The Field
Around 192 players
20 Fargorate 800+ players which makes this the strongest field of any event so far this year.


Stage 1 (Double Elimination) 192 players
Stage 2 (Single Elimination) 64 players
Two sets, race to 4. If the set score is tied at 1-1 after two sets, a spot shot shootout will determine the winner

FREE Live Stream
Live Stream matches are those played on Table 1 (Refer table numbers in the bracket )



Player Guide

2022 US Pro Billiard Series Players Ranking



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Prize money
Winner $30K
2nd $15K
3rd-4th $8K
5th-8th $4K
9th-16th $2K

Good to see Karl Boyes making a "comeback". Kelly Fisher also in the mix.


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So looking at the bracket the remainder of the day should be:

7:00 Kazakis vs Barcus
9:00 SVB vs Souto
11:00 Garcia vs Thorpe

So this is WPA sanctioned yet Thorpe is playing. Guess it wasn't a year or longer ban (y)


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I see the Fillers are sitting this one out until they get their athlete's visas so they don't wind up like some of the Pinoys.


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It is nice to have these events with so many players.
Although 5th through 16th place will likely lose money, especially if they are staked.


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Many "oldies" are back
Michaela Tabb returns after long absence
JS626 and the oldest player Parica are back.
Looks like Karl Boyes no show :D

Surprised they won't be streaming the battle of ex World 10 winners Kaci v Little Ko at 1130 EST


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Awesome tournament!
Big names coming back to competition: Ko brothers, Taipei players, Amalia Matas the most recent eurotour female sensation, etc.
I love it!


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Any idea why the bracket shows Kaci with a bye in the first round but they streamed him vs Fedor?


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Billy Thorpe having received a 2-year ban and allowed to play only 3 months since? Well, good for him, but that's a disgrace. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against a player personally, but if WPA was trying to follow WADA code or anything like that when implying their decision, then stick to it. Otherwise, this totally devalues any future verdict of such a kind.


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I see the Fillers are sitting this one out until they get their athlete's visas so they don't wind up like some of the Pinoys.
Surprising! No visa needed for business or vacation for up to 90 days for Germans. Pinoys need a Visa for any travel to the USA I am fairly certain.


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Amazing, they changed the rule mid series so that the 10 don't count on the break. Some progress after all. (y)


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This is a wonderful field, and most importantly, it signals the re-entry of many of the top Asians into competition. Pool is a far better sport when all the top Asians are in the mix.

I am inclined to suggest that anybody with Fargo of less than 770 is dead money in this field, but I'll be glad if one or more of those players proves me wrong by finishing in the top 8.

Good luck to all the players in their pursuit of excellence and a handsome payday.