CTE automatically corrects stroke issues


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We are clear as mud. I fully understand where you are coming from even if I have no idea where that is
Yeah, I think that describes pool itself pretty well enough for now.

If a kid asked me how to be a world beater, I would say start walking till you get to Stan Shuffet's door and knock and make him a believer that you want it.

But Paul, you don't use CTE and....

Hey kid, you asked, what I believe or follow is my own business. All I know is the man produced one world beater from his loins and he runs out while talking and I don't see any indication of multiple takes for his videos as if he's a drill master who cuts out the other 35 fails. What do you want from me? Huh?

Now, you start walking and thinking real hard because Stan don't take no guff, get along now, get to steppin.

Go on now....GIT.


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....as you should, but just like flat 'earf, I myself am forced to keep a open mind. There is however, a big difference between CTE and flat earth, does CTE make a shot any less likely a successful outcome and does the flat earther make the world any more flat?

I think it would be a insult to ask or think most CTE users are predisposed to flat earth, but I don't think it's a far stretch to think CTE users are "believers" the same that most flat earthers are progressive democrats.

So, that's where the rub is, so if anything, I myself am a critic of flat earth, not CTE, I can't find any reason why one can't get it done with CTE, I think at the end of day for now, even Ronnie O'Sullivan or Joshua filler or whoever at the top, has to "believe" first before anything, despite the fact it is DELIVERY that makes it happen.

I added another "shot" in hopes of pointing out what can be considered a "shot" vs what is not and what accounts for it, that a system or method or belief maybe cannot.

I further add that math can figure out how to knock a missile out of the sky with another missile, but as soon as we introduce motion to a shot, especially like the two shown, we are in effect, asking for a missile to meet the other missile and then send them both in 2 desired directions and at the extreme sometimes, where both come to rest, like the second video shown.

At some point, we have to ask what is in fact a "shot", and I think maybe once that is settled, then we can start deciding the best method, whatever that entails, in order to draw a line somewhere instead of arguing on either side of the line.

Yes, more argument I'm afraid I guess, pool is subjective, but definitive at the same time, maybe pool is straight up "intent" and we throw out math, and since perception and delivery are two inescapable realities, both have to be settled no matter what method used, but certainly we can't get it done eyes closed with one hand, despite it could be done that way.....but let's be efficient and throw out realistic.

We know or should know, there is a window of acceptable limits, I'm sure both sides can agree on that.
I go past any particular topology - physical or otherwise to plain information. Things display 3D so ok, it's "actual". CTE on the other tentacle is just a way to turn pool shooting into a marketable curriculum. Makes some people feel legit I suppose.


You could use a couple of paper hole reinforcers and a thin strip of plain white paper. Affix the paper strip to the table with a reinforcer on each end. Make it about as long as your normal follow-though or longer if you wish. Put the cue ball in the near reinforcer. Line up for center cue ball and the line. Take a stroke. Follow through and freeze at the end of the stroke. The tip of your cue must be right on that line, or over the second reinforcer.

Very cheap to do. And very boring but it tells a lot. Then you can put a ball on the second reinforcer or on and the imaginary line past it. Shoot the ball. Freeze at end of follow through. Evaluate cue tip position. Talk about eye opening. If you can do it softly, then try it medium or hard. Many strokes fall apart when using more power.

When I started this my tip ended up sometimes and inch to the left of the line. The line doesn't lie.... Any aiming system gets screwed up when you can't do the fundamental stroking correctly.