Cue auction for Ukraine🇺🇦**


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I recieved mine a few months ago. It is well built, looks good. Plays very solid. Like a one piece cue. I was very impressed with how flush butt/shaft joint is. When together there is no seam. I would have no issue trusting Anton with another build.


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Order placed. They say “The waiting is the hardest part” Tom Petty, 1981 or so

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Kharkiv region is under attack right now.
Your support was just in time and went straight to our defenders. Thank you!

The bunch of 18 cues are in the processing right now and they will be sent soon.

Such a huge boost from @evergruven and @Jimmorrison !

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To participate in the Challenge all you need is a $100 donation to Paypal.
Shipping included, no extra payments needed. You get a cue in Ukrainian flag colors and all profit goes to Ukrainian defenders from the list of our trusted volunteers