Cue balance point


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I'm in the market for a nice players cue

I'm wondering about the balance point of a cue and if Mosconni actually adjusted his. He is the only one I have ever heard make a reference to the balance point.

Mcdermott makes a cue with an adjustable weight.

Is this is something that is taken into consideration during the manufacturing of the butt?

and finally, could this be related to why the Balabushka's are so great?


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The common balance point on jointed 58" cues is around 18 to 19 from the bottom .

Anything below 18" is considered rear-balanced these days.
19" and above would be considered forward these days .
Some opinions might vary.

Mosconi trolled the world when he said he held the cue based on the balance point instead of his bridge length or type of shots.
Jim Rempe in his video said whoever said that is full of hot air.

You hold the cue where when the tip hits the cue ball, your forearm should be 90* from the floor. Or close to it.