Cue Components at it again


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Cue components......

I have bought several supplies from them. Talked to Joe on the phone as well. He delivered what he promised in a timely manner. Everyone is going to have problems sooner or later, just the nature of the beast. I have found a little respect and honey goes a long way. Doc


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Don't get me started on Joe's dvd's JC :)
I actually bought those on ebay when I was starting out. About the only thing I learned was that Joe has a big ego...

I like his DVDs. Lots of good information there if you can sit through the rest.

Just commented on the professionalism of them, not the content.



I have purchased from Joe in the past. I have exchanged emails due to a question I had. He was very helpful. His products arrived in a timely manner. I would purchase from Joe in the future based upon this. No problems what so ever.


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Folks have had their issues with Joe and I have made a purchase or two that were a
little below "acceptable quality" but a few bucks wasn't worth the aggravation.
I've just learned that there certain things you really shouldn't buy from him.
I imagine that his past experiences may have sort of hardened his persona and made
him a little difficult to deal with at times, particularly if you are critical of one of his

I haven't seen him post here in a while. Does anyone know if he has been banned or was
the bombardment of criticism just a bit too much even for him ?

Michael Webb

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It's unfortunate for anyone to get banned. In Joe's case, I think it's better for him and his business that he doesn't post. He's a big supplier and even though AZ is a good place, with SOME good people. It's very easy to ruffle feathers. I personally have not had any issues with him. We've done business and had some great conversations. If I ever had a problem with something I bought from anyone. I certainly wouldn't address it disrespectfully or here. Nothing is ever perfectly perfect but it can be good.