Cue Recommendation...


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Can anyone recommend or has first hand experience with any cue(s) that have a "thinner handle" diameter. Balance could be forward or rear in this case...


A Holes Billiards
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I think it is really going to depend on what your description of "thinner" is. Do you have a measurement in mind? Off the top of my head Josey Cues have a thinner handle.


I love cocobolo cues.
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It what you like to play with go to a billiard surpply store and pic up cues and see for yourself.


Runde Aficianado
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I had Schon make me a Ebony SP with a thinner handle to keep the weight down and I liked it. If you are interested let me know, I am a Schon dealer. THx


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My R10 has a thin handle and so did a Jensen I sold. You don't notice it much and you notice it less than a cue with a fat handle.


The U.K Peradon range have many Cues like this and although they cater mostly for Snooker, playing 8 Ball and 9 Ball with them is fine IMO.

Peradon make a fantastic Cue.


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Pechauer. Should of bought the bushka-like 50 year anniversary cue I played with at my billiard store. Really thin handle and felt really solid even with the p-lite shaft.