Cue too short ?


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Bought a Predator Roadline a few months ago.

Appeared a little bit short of size.

On Seybert's, you can't select the length. Every cues have the same length ?


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Years ago while playing in Grand Prix and World Cup events, some were talking about 'custom made' Carom cues and their dimensions. When it came to the individual length for a player, one cue builder thought Carom cues should be fitted to the height of each player, he determined while the player is standing straight upright the tip of the cue should be at the height of the persons hole in their throat! Obviously this would very with the height of the player. I had a couple made to that dimension, worked out fine for me for the proper, 'balance, hand placement & bridge length!' I play with a cue that is 55.75", I'm 5'7".
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