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Question for you guys.

One of my customers is looking for custom billiard cloth, specifically one with Harley Davidson logo, which automatically becomes a problem. I don't want to order from Championship, because i had problems with their cloth before (image being very blurry). I called couple of local printing companies and they wont do it, since they don't have a license to print Harley logo on anything.

My question is if there are other companies you suggest that can print a Harley Davidson logo on the cloth.

Any suggestions would be very helpful.


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Call Hainsworth in the UK (+44 (0)113 257 0391) and ask for Diane. I'm pretty sure they still have a license to print the Harley logo. After Championship sold off their printing equipment to Midwest the quality of the printing went beyond crappy especially when they started using Centennial - the cloth felt like burlap and it took forever to get a print done. That was the reason I switched all my print jobs to Hainsworth when I had They have excellent print quality and I was getting prints in a week.

I don't think anyone else has a license to print HD stuff.
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here's to finding what you're looking for 2012, good luck.


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