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  • After reading some old post about Kasson Rubber, I was wondering if you could Identify my table and tell me what rail cushions I will need to replace on it. You seem to be highly knowledgeable about Kasson tables. I just traded for this table so it was setup about three weeks ago and I cannot stand the clunking the rails make on impact. they do not seem hard but they play slow. I am sure the rail bolts are tight, I watched them tighten them and these guys do a lot of high end tables. They told me the rails would have to be replaced soon. Let me know what you think.
    I sent all the info to be added to the mechanics directory. Please let em know if you need anything else.
    Doug Patrick
    Hi Rick,

    Can you recommend a mechanic for the SW Michigan (Kalamazoo) area? I just purchased a GCII in unimaginably pristine condition. Rick, this table was privately owned, never moved, and re-covered only once in more than forty years! Talk about a "barn find", it is 100% original and unrestored. I couldn't be more thrilled to now own it.


    Rick (Rikdee)
    Hello Rick:
    What is your phone number I would like to talk to you.
    Mine is 717-866-2153 If you would rather call me.
    Hi rick, I love your site, Im interested in getting on you installer directory. Im with Robertson Billiards in Tampa Florida www.robertsonbilliards.com. We have the largest retail billiard store in Florida for sure, & probably in the south east. We are a Brunswick authorized dealer and have one Brunswick certified installer and two more that have been installing tables every day for 10 years. Robertson billiards 1721 n franklin st tampa fl 33602 813-229-2778. Thanks for hosting this site its great.
    Rick, I've put pics on my blog about 2 months ago... i just thought you didn't have the time to look at it yet.....best I can do with a mac...LOL
    I'm getting a web site together soon...let ya know.

    Thank You for your time
    Mark Gregory
    I checked out your upload to you tube on covering bar rails. Pretty simple and I feel really dumb not seeing how simple it is. Same thing for simonis or velocity or any other stretchy cloth? Also, can I get just rail cloth from you? Specifically steel grey velocity. I'm seriously considering re doing the rails on that job I did. Thanks Don
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