Date on cue ?


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Finally received my custom built cue after 2 1/2 yrs of wait. Well worth the wait.
Question is the date on cue was actually the year that it was started than the year that it was finished.
This is the first time I've had a custom built cue that was dated this way.
Does cue builder date their cues different ways.
Just wondering. Thanks for helping with this.

P.S. Will not disclose builders name, so please don't ask thanks.


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With all due respect, asking the maker first would give the real explanation, rather than basically an opinion poll like this. He will know the reason why he marked it the way he did, all we can do is explain what we do, anything else is just a guess.
I personally usually put the date that I'm doing the finish work, but due to 2 neck surgeries, there were a few cues that had been dated and not finished until a year + later. I explained to the buyers and all was well.


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I would guess he signed and dated it a couple of years ago and then took a while to finish it. But like was mentioned before it would be best to ask the maker.