DCC 2014 -->NEED RIDE ON Jan. 28


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I am in need of a ride on January 28th to go to the tournament. I will split gas costs and pay an extra $20 for your time and cooperation. I am located about an hour south of Chicago.
If you don't find a ride...

Check out Greyhound. They are pretty cheap out of larger cities. I'm going round trip from New York for $185. Bus station is 14 miles from casino, will take a cab. This way I travel overnight coming and going , saving hotel costs besides. Leaving home at midnight when the event ends and home by 3pm Sunday.


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I know you said you got a ride, but next time check out megabus.com. That whole trip looks like it would have cost you about $75


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Megabus is so cramped. I know what do you expect for a small fee, but if you are anything over 130# it could be very uncomfortable.

Althought it is nice to listen to all the people on the way there who all have systems and how much money they are going to win.