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  • Hi Scott. Sitting at sandcastle talking to Jamison. We said we had not heard from you for a while. We were wondering if everything was ok. Jamison contacted Randy. Randy said you are ok just lost your phone. Send new phone number
    Scott Lee
    Great! Jamison texted me last night and let me know his SNL gig is back on! Sure am happy for that! My current number is 727-542-4848. My phone was stolen in NC and I had to get a burner phone from Walmart. I will be getting my old number back soon. In the meantime, use the FL number to reach me. Patti's number is still the same...269-986-3663.
    Hey Scott! How are you doing? I have to be honest... selfishly, Covid has been good for my game. Lots of time to practice, no time to get distracted by games if you know what I mean. My stroke is improving... a real stroke, maybe?... getting there!
    I just wanted to give you an apology, at the end of the day I haven't ever heard a negative thing from someone who has taken a lesson from you or knows someone that has. I see you giving your time on AZ helping others at no charge.

    I wanted to clarify I was making comments about instructors in general and those comments were based predominately on my own experience in taking a lot of golf lessons, they weren't specifically about you in any way, shape or form, although it might have seemed that way due to context of the conversation and my poor choice of wording.
    Hello Scott. This is Billy Bones. can you give me a call I have lost your number. 620-440-4033. Thank you Scott
    Mike needs to keep hearing it. I don't know why anybody gives a shit how they play if they aren't going to go out and compete. But he's a strange duck. And he has plenty of money but he's tighter than bark on a tree. Why try to teach a guy that is only going to listen if you tell him what he wants to hear? He's ignored you and Mark Wilson, 2 of the very best. His stroke is pretty damn good, better than most people you teach. And he isn't going to grind out mother drills to make it better. You know that. You're just opening yourself up for headaches. No question, you could help his game but not if he won't listen. And he won't.
    Hey Scott, it's been years, many many years. I hired you back like 14 years or more ago to give me lessons at my house in Milwaukee (West Allis actually) Wisconsin. I was looking around in my basement for the tape of our 4 hour session and it appears to have suffered some water damage.

    Do you by any chance keep an archive of your lessons? If so, how can I get a copy of mine?

    Best regards, Terry (TJ) Crawford.
    Thanks for the green. There does seem to be more folks on this board that think some magical technique can give them the edge.
    Solid fundimentals, hard work and practice, seem to be out of favor for some.
    Sir are you going to be in the Springfield Missouri area anytime in the near future. Iam getting back into the game after several years off and want to start out correctly. Also is there a good instructor in this same area I could work with on a regular basis.
    Thank you and have a great day.
    Mark...I sent you back a PM, but wanted to respond here too. This was just a quick trip out east. I did a lesson on Friday, two on Sat and two on Sunday, and headed back to MI. I'm moving my family to FL this weekend, but as soon as I'm resettled, I expect to be back up in your area...right now thinking about late Sept. or early Oct. I'll stay in touch! Thanks for your interest!

    Scott Lee
    Scott I talked to you about lessons a ways back I just saw you were at big daddy's
    Are you still in the area ,

    Thanks Mark
    Yes, I got the message, but not until just now ... about 20 hours after you sent it :/

    Still don't know how this forum works. And I have no idea what a "Visitor Message" is.

    Anyway, I'll have the check in the mail tomorrow. Thanks again for the time and effort you put in on my behalf! I haven't submitted anything in the Instructors Review forum yet because I want to do you justice, but haven't figured out how to write it up without sounding like your Mother :/

    Hi there Harvey! Hope your stroke is coming along! Scott Lee, 119 Apperson Road, Battle Creek, MI 49015! I hope to see you again.
    Hey Scott,

    Livingston from Dayton here :wave:

    I want to send you a check. What is your mailing address?

    Grew up in Billings....sent you a PM, but your in box is full. Send me a PM is you did not get my phone number....

    Rufus...Ditto! That was wild that we both taught the same guy. I think it was a benefit for him to get experience with both of us. Pool School went great. See you in Atlanta!
    Hi Scott, it was great catching up with you and your wife yesterday. I also enjoyed teaching with you again. I hope you have a great pool school this weekend.
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