Deposit for custom cue build


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I think that a 20/30% deposit is fair but only if you do all your research on the maker up front- I look at giving a deposit for anything as the responsibility of the buyer to research the seller, even then, things can and will occur beyond anyone's control- so there is ALWAYS risk in any business transaction. Seems like health issues for older cue makers or their family members has been the single biggest reason given when cue orders are going unfilled- so i do sometimes worry about dealing with an "over 50" cue maker", only for that reason. One of the most important things i have learned is to make sure EVERY aspect of the cue being built is discussed, agreed, and placed in writing via at least an e mail- I have seen cues from top makers where the inlays in the points do not line up 100% with the matching inlays in the butt sleeve- some off by 3/16 of an inch!! to me, that is a flawed cue that needs a redo and I would demand that to be done. Other issues like balance point, butt and shaft diameter/taper etc. need to be clearly agreed upon upfront.


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i disagree with the idea that custom cue makers working out of the house are

Balabushka,Szamboti,(gus and barry)

South west cues,petersen,libra,rauenzahn,pfd drexler are just a few of the greatones who at least started out of the house
hulsey,vigus,bob runde in case some of the first ones seem antiquated

i think it safe to say that custom cue making is a cottage industry

and it is a tough business,sales can be irregular and deposits are a commercial neccessity

dealers may prefer that you don't order direct,they think you shoulsd pay them an extra fee because they have the cues in stock

it may agree with you prejudice to not place a deposit,but without one i would not do business with you,it might not be large or it might not be,but that is the nature of the business

it pays to buy direct,customize your order and save money by dealing direct

if i didn't believe this , why would i put up deposits,or at least offer to

i have found cue makers appreciate consideration and they show it with good service and extra
benefits to me

Yep, I don't get that remark either.

I plan on meeting and discussing a cue with Pat Diveney in a couple weeks, at his home!

He has a pretty humble looking shop (from the outside) behind his house one might think is his garage.

Heard and read nothing but really, really good things about him and will be back in his area for a college graduation (was there in March but he was on the road) and really looking forward to the opportunity to talk about a cue!


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Mike F - I looked at your aZ signature.
Tim Scruggs, Alex brick, JB case, modified Predator, Palmer

those are steep credentials, i'm surprised the question stems from an experienced person

I found that funny too. Something fishy here other than me.

L I F D 1

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I started playing again 4 years ago this July after quitting for about 36 years, & I'm 66.
I played sporty when young & the Model J Palmer, picked up in late '74, was my cue.
When I started back, oh how the world of billiards has changed, lol.

The "modified Predator" is just a BK2 break cue.

Any chance of seeing your equipment in the cue and case gallery
or here


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I called Laurie Franklin almost 20 years ago. Told her what I wanted, got a called about 9 years later to see if I needed any changes, NOPE.
No deposit, paid for cue after completion. No Deposit.


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If I order a basic car with typical options a dealer won't ask for a deposit. If the deal falls apart it's just another car on his lot not unlike one they might have ordered themselves. If I want an odd group of options in an unpopular color or with custom choices of any kind I would expect to pay a deposit large enough that they can be assured I'll complete the deal.

I would think the same logic should apply to a cue. If it is very specific to your taste or at the extreme has your initials on it, there should be some skin in the game that would protect the maker.

Snooker Theory

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I found that funny too. Something fishy here other than me.

Mike F - I looked at your aZ signature.
Tim Scruggs, Alex brick, JB case, modified Predator, Palmer

those are steep credentials, i'm surprised the question stems from an experienced person

Nice cues, I wonder about some of the people on here, an example being, we have a sexy woman thread where one of the above posters(questioning you) likes posting hairy chics and trannies.


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Again, just depends on the cuemaker. Lets say you sent Tony Zinola, Eddie Wheat, (sp) or Krown cues a deposit for example. You probably regret that now.

If every cuemaker delivered, even remotely close to when they promise, I'd never question a deposit. Nothing at wrong with them, and when you start into really custom out of the norm items I believe you really should be offering them yourself.

I've heard it both way from cuemakers, some don't like customers asking them where things stand. I know the last time I was burned on deposit, I did ask when delivery date wasn't met. I kept right on asking every week, after it wasn't met the second time.

Bright side for me, I'm down to like 3 cuemakers I even want cues from. One of them is building a cue now, and I paid a deposit. They are very well established, and have never heard any complaints about them.

Other cues I'd just buy used.


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What's the usual down payment to a cue builder for a custom cue?

It's not always the deposit, it's HOW you give any money at all.

Use the best buyer protection possible, Paypal is great as long as you never use gift or Friend options. Credit cards offer great buyer protection as well.

For those who DON'T protect themselves, then hire a non AZBilliards member?

Go ***** about the cuemaker elsewhere.

IF anyone gets burned by a fellow member, please bring it up front page.

Smile, it's Friday.