Derby City Classic


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I live in western ky. I would like to attend this event for a day. What is it like for a spectator and how much does it cost? What day would be the best day to attend?


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It depends on what you want to watch.
It costs about 15.00 to get a pass to get in for the day. The banks start the 24th, One pocket starts the 26th and 9 ball starts the 29th I believe, each lasts 3 days, the closer to the end of the third day of each the higher the playing level. There is a little overlap with one disipline starting while the other is finishing up. You can go up stairs and look down on the tables on the main floor.
Hope that helps. It is all good pool.


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do they have a players list up yet for the Derby
Players list won't be posted until about an hour before tournament starts and won't be final until first round draw about 15 minutes before play starts because it is an open tournament and they take signups all the way to post time