Deuel "Excited" About IBSF World Snooker Experience

Hmm.. I don't feel so bad now..

My home room in Tacoma had a full sized snooker table with Simonis 860 on it.. I used to practice on it with pool balls.. Long shots and all..

Later on, I went to Thailand for 45 days with the Army and after practicing and playing with the locals a bit, I was beating the best players the little town of Pitsanoluk had.. They were just regular players, but still.. A few bhat were wagered at the game they played, where the back row of reds were taken off..

I had a lot of runs of 30+, a few of 40+, and back in North America, I went to a tournament in Abbottsford, Canada and had a break of 50+ in what was probably one of only 2-3 games of full rack snooker I had played in my life.

Seeing that Corey's high run in competition was 68 doesn't make me feel so horrible anymore.

Than again, I only got to play the game for a very short time, and that was when I was 22. :grin:

Short Bus Russ... C player

C players aren't 50+ breakers.
Just think how good Selby would cue if he were to come over to the States and get some proper instruction. Personally, I think he gets down too low on the cue.:thumbup:

Funnily enough, Selby's got one of the strangest cue actions in all of cue sports, in that he wobbles like crazy whilst he's on the shot. Highly unusual. It doesn't do him any harm and he says he doesn't realise he's doing it, but I wouldn't recommend anyone try it.

Some of you guys might teach it, however - mentioning no names, of course. ;)


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Zhou leads Zhao 5 to 2, race to 8.

The streaming is not quite working, looks like they haven't worked the kinks out.

Zhou would be expected to win. Quite a talent at age 15.

China is obviously soon to be a snooker powerhouse rivaling Great Britain.


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High Def

Now the streaming is working, and it's high-definition.

Zhao won the last frame it's 5 to 3 now. (8:30 eastern)
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Zhao was facing a difficult shot on the black, and the black was jammed up against a red where he could only see half, and he asked for the black to be cleaned.

That may be standard practice in snooker. And it may be where Corey picked up the habit. I know he was facing a similar shot or shots in 9-ball recently where he asked for the object ball to be cleaned. Interesting.

Meanwhile, even at this high level they players do make mistakes.

Interesting to see baby-faced Zhou begging for an angle.

Zhou is on the hill.


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Zhou and his road through the knockout

Zhou wins. They sign their scorecards just like at The Masters.

Zhou was expected to beat Zhao, but looking back he was dominant throughout.

Final 72:
Zhou defeats Joris Maas of The Netherlands 4 to 0
Kevin Van Hove of Belgium 5 to 1
Brendan O'Donoghue of Ireland 5 to 1
David Hogan of Ireland 6 to 0
Lee Walker of Wales 7 to 4
Zhao Xintong 8 to 4


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considered opinion

Certainly much experience is needed to be a great snooker player. Corey was trying to learn constantly. He just turned 36. As much as he loves a challenge, perhaps he will be able to compete at a high level in snooker as a Master, age 40. Best wishes Corey!