Diveney and Shurtz


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Diveney custom cues and Shurtz cues will be at the Galveston tournament at the same booth, stop by and say hi to them.


I am frightened and wish I flossed more often.

I would tell you a story about a restaurant manager who treated all his staff like dirt, gave his very nice wife a black eye every other week, and played grab ass with all the wait staff just because he could and how his gold tooth came out of his mouth and got stuck in the trap of his bathroom sink one day. He asked me to go to his house and get it out for him. I did and I gave it back to him after I left it with my friend the bartender for a few hours. I honestly couldn't tell ya where that tooth has been but it was back in his mouth the next morning. Even to this day, every time he opens his mouth, somebody cracks up big time. It got passed around to about 20 restaurant employees that afternoon. In and out of the mens and womens rest room that bad boy went. Put it in a plastic bag and handed it to him. Came in the next day whith it right up in the front of his mouth.
At least that's what I heard. You didn't hear it from me.
Don :wink:


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I have been watching the Shurtz cues for the last 3 years at the Expo in PA.

Every time I am walking down the rows of vendors my eye catches Shurtz cues and I have to stop and talk cues and German Shepards.

I guess this year I will have to put a cue on order....since I already have a dog! :)