Do you have a strategy when playing a higher rated player?


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You might win or you might lose but if you're set to lose, make them work for it. Instead of losing 9-2, try to stay focused and lose 9-4 instead.

People say don't miss but that's not a good idea because you'd be asking yourself to execute to perfection and expecting perfection only results in disappointment so instead go with a different mindset: allow yourself to miss and cut yourself some slack and try to be able to recognize when you're not commited to the shot and reset yourself if that happens. Your goal is to be able to bring 80% of your best game 8 times out of 10...not to play perfect pool.

That's a reasonable ask of oneself.


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I tend to play my best game against stronger players; in a short race, a 100 point difference in Fargo is surmountable. It will take inspired play and some favorable rolls, but I've struggled against weaker opponents so I know it can happen. Tim Man had a great point in a different thread about "accepting the loss" before you start. I've been able to stay loose and surprise myself, and others, with that approach. I'd say that's my main strategy is stay loose and watch my opponent hopefully get flustered when he's struggling to put me away.
Many players at his level think they should play like SVB.
I think this is one of my main weaknesses. I'll see a path for the cue that is reliable for SVB but a bit touchy for me, and go for it instead of looking for a more realistic option.
I think that 9 ball is a lousy game for players who can't occasionally run out unless there is also money on other balls.
I agree. If your opponent isn't a threat to run out then there's no need to sink balls.


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I would probably spend at least half of my time on the practice table focusing on one and two ball safeties, one ball and rail safeties. You are going to spend more time shooting safeties, spend more time practicing them.
This is what I need to do. There are plenty of runs where they are looking good and I over roll my position, Usually on the 7. Not enough balls to hide behind or bet on the opponent not being able to run out.


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Play your best, try to intimidate, if you not high percentage you going to make a shot, leave them locked up with not to do be give advantage back to you.