Do you watch a lot of pool videos?


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I don't anymore but when young and into the game a ton I video taped... yes TV to VCR pre YouTube... the 2001 and 2002 World 9b and watched the crap outta those tapes. Both Mika and Earl on their runs to their titles were amazing to watch. Busty as well. Would rather watch those guys over Filler and Shaw any day. Fedor nice tho.


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i watch live streams more than ever (there are more events). i usually keep it rolling on the phone at work while CAD:ing. no real favorites, i just like fast players in general. filler, FSR, zielinski, etc

don't watch much after the fact sports. accustats treasures are exceptions, pat (and now mike) has done a great job on that channel

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I don't watch any American pool, but for English pool, it would have to be Jordan Shepherd, Mick Hill and Chris Melling, in my opinion.


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Filler and Gorst are my favorite fully automatic. Shaw's ok. He needs gym real bad or he'll evolve into has been.
Yes, I'm currently addicted, and enjoy learning something new. I like to watch the ladies as well, some have a very mechanical style, but very good. Anything with Efren in it demands my attention. I'll look at Gorst, as I'v not come across him yet?


YouTube, old matches from '80s & '90s!
Watched Buddy Hall vs Dennis Hatch '91 9 ball US open last night.
I've been looking for either the 91 or 92 match up between Buddy Hall/Archer which I think was the final. Had a old VHS and I remember it having a blue sticker on it lol but can't find the match uploaded anywhere. Think Archer came back from 6/7 down the previous round to get to the final but not sure on that. Enjoyed those days of pool on TV.