Down To Four At 2022 US Open Pool Championship


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Carlo Biado, Francisco Sanchez Ruiz, Ko Ping Chung, and Max Lechner are the final four at the 2022 US Open Pool Championship, Harrah's Resort, Atlantic City. Defending champion Biado was quick out the blocks against Hsieh Chia Chen and he never looked back as he rattled in a mammoth whitewash win without real fluster. It was clear Hsieh was struggling at the table, Biado left it open for the first time at 4-0 only for Hsieh to miss the six and allow Biado to go 5-0 up. A 2-9 combo from Biado put him on the hill after Hsieh had a chance at the table only to be hooked when lining up the 2 for a combo on the 9. Biado's celebrations were held off temporarily after he thought he'd made a golden break in the last rack only to scratch. Hsieh had his time at the table, but it wasn't his day as Biado sealed an emphatic win. Biado takes on Sanchez Ruiz next.

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