Dz, woodworth, gtf package.


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For sale:
Bob Dzuricky "DZ" - Ebony and curly maple, Ivory rings outlined with nickle silver, 5 points w/4 veneers in each. 3/4" ss 3/8-10 joint.

2 shafts- *Dz G cored shaft with 1/2" micarta ferrule, kamui tip. 12.75mm
*Dz regular maple shaft with juma ferrule. le pro tip. 12.75mm

Weight together with either shaft is right around 19.5oz
everything is STRAIGHT


Woody Woodworth j/b - Lyptus wood, 19.5oz, 3/8-10 joint, white diamond tip.
GTF black hair on case 2x4 has a little wear from handling but is still in great shape.---SOLD---
505-270-4440 Ty
No trades

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I am one with my cue
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J/b cue

Since you won't ship first, would u be willing to do escrow. I send the money and you send the cue, if all is well we have a deal.:grin: