ED YOUNG 6 Point cue for sale


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6 Point ED Young, made of African Burbanga, King and Holly wood, and you have to play with it to believe how good it hits, it will make you use your old cue for firewood.

Check out the picks, 4 shafts, two original and two OB, all done by ED Young and Kersenbrock. Two OBs have around 10 hours of play the other shafts have maybe touch the cue ball less than 5 times. Very hard to get these cues, if you don't believe me find another one on EBAY or the forum. Check out the pics and reach into your wallet and find $3000 or a reasonable offer.......


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specs please

I am sure some specs on this cue would not hurt your chances of sale. For instance are those OB shafts the "pro" model? And yes, where is the cue located?
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