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  • hi, you appear to be an active member of this community so i was wondering if you could help me with where to post a topic? had a problem with an ebay transaction and looking for opinions on how to proceed. just dont know where to post a thread about it. thanks for any help!
    hey poolrod,
    just wondering if you knew pete tascarella, sr. and jr. were intimately involved in carolina cues? pete sr and jr came down to setup the shop in denver, nc. i have two of the CC cues. one is the very first cue they ever sold. it was the first one they decided was good enough to sell! it wasn't perfect: they had me let them take it and refinsh it.
    like yours, mine plays good. moves the cue fine.
    the other cue(NOS) i bought simply to have a second shaft for mine. the butt is not straight on it. the shaft is fine and thick!
    Hey Rod, wondering if you were interested in refreshing another old Mali or 2 for me? Same as before, need to have the finish removed from the butt, new linen, no laminate over linen...plus a new shaft made with the rings on the shaft I have. I have 2 cues/shafts I want to do this with....let me know if you're interested and the pricing.

    I had a conversation with another user on here who said he believed the reason my last one broke (butt at the forearm) was because I had you remove the finish from over the wrap. I like it without the laminate, any thoughts on how removing the laminate may affect strength of the cue? I am not real confident in his words due to a few other issues but don't want to lose another cue.

    Hi there. Burt from Harveys is hoping to get in touch with you. Would you mind texting him please
    His no# is206.755.7542
    Hey Poolrod, long time. Question, can a cue forearm be repaired? That Mali you refurbished for me broke in half this week. Never got abused, but I got bumped and it dropped about 2ft (was at a 45 degree angle). I heard the strange sound and knew I just lost the tip, but damn if the forearm didn't break in half. It's right at the base of the points, just under the wrap. I think it's gonna wind up a bastard jump cue but thought I'd ask.

    Now, I'm shopping for a Mali T15 if you have a line on any. If/when I find something, I'll reach out to have you touch it up...and remove the laminate over the wrap, I hate that.

    Hey Rod, hope you are doing well, been almost 2 years since I was on AZB and since you refinished the old school mali for me with the new shaft. Lot has changed in my world since then, new house, no wife, no table in the basement etc, but that cue is spectacular. I truly regret not being able to sing your praises until now, but thank you, thank you, thank you. It's now my daily player and gets more compliments than I can mention. Hope to see you on here soon, glad I found my way back, just to drop you this message.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you have a good one!

    Hey Rod, thanks again. The zylr is my main player now. I am looking at another by Bass91 (birdseye zylr). Have any thoughts?
    Pleasure is all mine. Its nice to have a face to go with names.
    Maybe we can hit balls next time.
    Hey Rod its Chad i talked to you the other day, keep me plugged into what you get! im just a few minutes away in Bellevue thanks
    Rod. Did you get the cue (Joss) yet? I'm in London and an joys to know. Delivery was supposed to be on Friday
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