Eddie Taylor's Hall of Fame cue.

Alf Taylor

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I used to be a pretty good player but, alas, time marches on. In short, I can't make a ball in the ocean. I sold my autographed table and gave my own Joss cue to my brother.

Lastly, and certainly not least is the cue passed on to me by Eddie Taylor. It is his 1995 Hal of fame cue, made by Danny Janes. It is ebony with inlaid silver and ivory. On the butt it says, "Eddie Taylor 1995. The case was made by Jack Justis. I want five thousand dollars for it. At this point, I can't figure out how to add pics to this site but if you contact me via email at judiataylor@aol.com or 520-250-2786 I will send you pics and more information.
Thank you. Alf Taylor
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hello CP buddy

Hello Alf, hope you are dong good. Deanoc (Dean Campbell) needs this
cue. He might have already contacted you. He buys tons of cues and I
borrow them as fast as he gets them. It's become so bad he has some
sent to me first so he can he can save the postage sending them to me
to borrow. I always pay the postage when I'm through borrowing them
only because we go back so far, and I'm, I guess you could say just a
genuinely nice guy. I will talk to him tomorrow to make sure he saw this
I would hate for him and I to miss out on something because of his
carelessness. Take care, your friend,
jack potter