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  • Jack, you crack me up. What in the world would make you think I would come across the country to do what I can't do here. I would very much like to see you and meet your family.
    I do talk to Dick every once in awhile. I don't think he's in very good health. Good guy, for sure. I hope Red got the book I sent. I'm sorry to hear he's so debilitated. Which of my pool products do you have, other than my book. Any videos? If not, I can take care of that. Let me know. I'm not on here very much but drop me a line via
    Are you coming to Houston, and play in the senior one pocket tournament. Don't try
    to pull that not old enough move, because you look 10 years younger. I have to show
    my ID for the senior discount everywhere I go. If we went together you could pass me
    off as your son. Anyway come and play I got half your action. Do you here from SJD
    since he got banned I have not seen anything from him on here or Hope he's
    Sitting down ? Red Fisher just called me. He has been in the hospital with
    pneumonia. He was in for a couple of months. I have a couple of cues
    of his he was wanting me to sell for him. I didn't say what the hell I
    thought you were dead, but I sure thought it. I was sure glad to hear his voice again. He is on a walker and has an oxygen bottle he has to carry with him
    but is back playing poker 6 or 8 hours a day. I am getting him a recliner
    and will be taking it to him in a couple of weeks. I know he would love to
    have one of your books. I think he would be thrilled to see his name in print.
    Boy that really made my day.
    1108 Evergreen Farms Dr.
    Temple Tx. 76502
    Sorry, but I can't remember "Stick." I bet Bill Porter would know. He's head to toe brains. Later. Alf
    Hi Alf….I put the following post on AZ Main a couple days back and someone said check with you…..Here's the post: A friend of mine asked if anyone on AZ remembers a young, black guy from the late 60's who went by the nickname of "Stick"….?

    He used to play at the Cotton Palace, in Dallas Tx and shot a mean game of 9 ball.
    Hi Alf, hope those rug sales are booming.... When you get around to it, I could use a few more books, maybe 6 or 8. Thanks!
    "Alf Taylor has not made any friends yet?" Must be some misinterpretation :) Lest's befriend Mr Taylor!
    alfie....... this is SPARKY! GLAD TO SEE UR FINE! TELL STEVE HELLO! CALL ME AT 1-940-613-5420 IN WICHITA FALLS,TX.
    Thank you for the inquiry about my book They will be here in a couple of weeks, at which time I will notify you with the details. How's your own game?
    And why the POW-MIA logo? I approve wholeheartedly.
    Regards. Alf
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