Eightball Classic


Getting ready to drive up to The Break Room in Duluth for the Eightball Classic. This is my first opportunity to attend a professional tournament in person so I'm beyond excited. Lots of great players there but I think I'm most looking forward to having the chance to watch Efren play and hoping he can repeat as champion. Should be a great weekend.


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It is a COOL opportunity.

Share pics...no way you are the worst photographer to do us that favor!


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Free stream on FB. Calcutta starts tonight a 6pm.

1K entry, race to 15. Efren and DD confirmed.


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Poster for the event...


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Efren Reyes
Shane Van Boening
Dennis Hatch
Skylar Woodward
Corey Deuel
Billy Thorpe
Tyler Styer
John Morra
James Aranas
Jason Klatt
Omar Al-sheen
Vince Chambers
Marcos Aleman
Jay Johnson
Scott Toleffson
Gene Albrecht
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Wish I didn't have a prior commitment tomorrow morning. I'd be on my way there now to hang out and watch.

Have fun. Selfies with players make great mementos! In my experience, they're friendly and gracious about it!


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Shane won the flip and broke dry. Omar ran out.

Omar then runs a 7 pack and counting.

8-0 Omar.

Shane haven't gotten out of his seat since his open break!


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Tyler vs Sky hotseat match LIVE now.

Tyler has been really impressing me lately.