Emanuel Brunswick -The Prodigal Brother

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A great new addition to the Chicago Billiard Museum archive and a must-read for Brunswick enthusiasts and billiard history buffs:

EMANUEL BRUNSWICK - The Prodigal Brother

- the company that John Moses Brunswick began in Ohio back in 1845 is a household name in many parts of the world, being more or less synonymous with billiards and bowling. But John certainly didn't build the now world-wide corporation all by himself. In the beginning, he relied heavily on the help of his brothers, or half-brothers as the case may be. But working alongside his family members didn't always go quite as smoothly as he had hoped. In fact, at one point it appears as though his brothers all abandoned him and created their own Brunswick company. Was it a mutiny? Was it the manifestation of a bitter sibling rivalry? Was John somehow alienated from his step-brothers? Or was it actually a brilliant marketing scheme in which they all played a significant role?

Find out more about John Brunswick's elusive step-brother Emanuel - and how he tragically ended up lying dead in the street in downtown Chicago...

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Mr. Bond

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You are correct - Moses Bensinger was married to John's daughter Nora, making Moses Emanuel's nephew (in law)...

actually, i guess he would have been like a step-nephew-in-law...... lol thats kinda funny
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