Estate Sale in Caledonia, MI - Early GC1 or GC2


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Estate Sale this weekend July 28th and 29th.

Table appears to be fairly mint, judging by the condition of the ball tray/box. The mechanic who set it up was probably a hack, judging by the skirt alignment. Has an old set of centennials too.

If I were closer I would jump on this one. Good luck, and happy hunting.




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jay helfert

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You could probably buy this table (GCI) for $500 or less at the sale. If it was in my neighborhood I would jump on it.

strmanglr scott

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Not too far from me, too bad I work this weekend. I got a friend who isn't though, who just happens to be borrowing my trailer.

That guy is a fishing and gun nut. I'd have a hard time not spending my money on other stuff. Good thing I don't have a boat for the big lakes. Could drop some serious money at that sale.

Thx for the heads up.