Examiner Interview with Jerry Tarantola of the NYCGrind.com


the other
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Hi Argonath, just wanted to thank you for publishing this great story on NYCgrind and Jerry T. Over the past couple years, the site has gained exposure in a lot of new areas, but most people may not know the mission behind its creation.

I joined on as editor of NYCgrind.com because I was (and continue to be) inspired by Jerry T's passion and dedication to pool... to providing a fresh an positive venue to promote pool and its players, as well as promote other streams of information on pool, such as AZbilliards. "Thank you" to all the players & others who have supported our efforts. :)



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By the grace of good fortune, Jude Rosenstock, and Chris Lynch, I had the pleasure of shooting a little with Jerry at Amsterdam Billiards a while back in November 2008 after a BCA League party. It still ranks as one of the most fun nights of pool in my experience.

I didn't know him at all. He was "Nablo's" partner in very entertaining 9 ball scotch doubles set that night and my partner was APA Tim from NJ. Jerry talked about what he was doing with a magazine and I was listening, but man, magazines are such a house of cards. There is no such thing as certainty in that business, but dammit, it looks like he's making it happen! Absolutely awsome!!