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Complete hobby shop for sale.
Do to some personal problems and impending back surgery I’m offering my entire hobby cue making shop for sale. Because of my back condition I’m really not up to crating & shipping all the individual pieces so I’d like to sell as a complete package. I’m located in north central Connecticut right on the Massachusetts line.
The primary equipment consists of:

2 Hightower deluxe lathes. 1 three years old 1 two years old
Both were the top package with all the extras. Also included Hightower wrap fixture

1 Hightower inlay machine. This is the stand alone unit.
Includes 7 inlay patterns.
Has the stock dremel tool & a proxxon

1 Bolton tools 12 x 24 bench lathe

1 old walker turner lathe I’ve used for sanding & finish work

1 Jet 10-20 plus drum sander w/ stand

1 old contractor series Craftsman 6 1/8 jointer planer

There are to many additional items to list videos, tooling, benches, leather wraps, and some nice shaft wood and of course some nice exotic woods.

Like I said I’d like to sell as a complete setup cash & carry. This is a perfect package for someone jumping into cue making or the guy who wants to expand.


We all know what these machines are worth, please no low ball offers. I can’t take pics right now, hopefully I can get some up by this weekend.

Please pm with questions.


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Pics Added..

A couple pics. More in thread in Cue Machinery Section


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Looks like the OP hasn't even logged on since November of last year, and the post is over 2 years ago. Would be nice to know if any of the equipment is available seperately.


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Me too. I seen this post quite a while back. If things are separated, I would be interested in the deluxe lathe and inlay machine. I'm always buying Porper lathe parts as well.