Fast Eddies 9 Ball Tour, August 10-11 in San Angelo TX.


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Faast eddies 9 Ball Tour returns to San Angelo Texas on August 10-11. This has always been a good and fun stop for us.

$1000 addedw/64 players
$55.00 entry / $10.00 yearly membership
Race to 9 winners side
Race to 7 one loss side
Alternating Break

We will take sign-ups until 11;30 Saturday mornig. Players meetings begin at 12, noon. Play begins ASAP

The laides will register until 11;30 AM on Sunday adn meetings at 12 noon with play to bgin ASAP

Cue rafled for the added mmoney and donated by Mireles Cues.
$35,00 entry w/ $5.00 yearly memership
Race to 7 on winners side
Race to 5 one loss side
Alternatinig break

For mo9re info on either plaease visit or call Lewis @ 870-299-3301 or Tito @ 210-863-7570.