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  • Wishing you a very joyful day!

    no, no, it's okay jst when i went to work I just dropped the Butch and few remember it. I like hearing it now and then. My family are about all lleft that do.
    Take good care

    I didn't mean to spook you by calling out an old nickname.
    You and I met a few times in the early 90's at places like Sticks, Table Steaks and the place in Commerce City (Tournaments?).

    Thanks Jen, it means a lot. At 61 though, I just feel like hiding and sulking! LOL
    happy holidays to you and Kieth too.
    Hope today brings you much joy! Happy Birthday! Get those dancing boots on and dance the night away!

    Hi Lewis. I was wondering if you can give me the exact date for the San Antonio tour stop at Embassy Oaks. I'm coming in from out of town and need to start planning.
    Wishing you a very happy birthday today, Mr. Ironman. This is a milestone one for you. May the coming years bring you good health, peace of mind, and joy in your heart. :)

    Thanks, too many people play see ball, make ball, at one pocket. I always know when I have played well because my opponents say things like, I have the worst headache I have ever had , I hate one pocket and I am never playing "you" again.
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