Fast Player or Slow Player?


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Your friends are deliberate. Your enemies are slow.

The slow? Strangulation seems best...

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In pool and golf, slow play bothers me.

I also understand that that’s an issue for me to work on. Not my opponent.

Good philosophy for everything in life. When driving, lifestyle, sports,... don’t let someone else’s poor behaviour determine your own.

Bad driver won’t drive better and slow players won’t change. Sounds cliche but we can only control our own behaviour.


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IMHO some games are easier to play faster, because shop option are simple. I would say this is MHO on Fast v/s Slow.


9 Ball

10 Ball


Bank Pool

8 Ball


3 Cushion

14/1 aka Straight Pool




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Slow players annoy me far more than fast players.

Funny thing is that extremes of either tend to make me play faster than I usually would.

After sitting through a very slow players turn, I'll subconsciously try to move faster, in hopes that they will move faster, too.

When playing a much faster player, that same subconscious makes me try and keep up with their pace.

What can I say? I'm a wreck :p


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if everyone played like shaw, Strickland, draco, lucas…..pool would be a more popular sport. slow and BORING makes me wanna rip my eyes out. and if im playing a slow player, I have quit in tournaments. $25 entry fee and the guy is playing like its a matter of life and death, takes three minutes to set up a shot and misses. go FFF yourself


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Fast or Slow Players

Slow players. I find it funny that somebody that has played rotation games for over 10 years can take so long. Even 8 Ball shouldn't take very long do decide and they do so to look smart I guess but they look dumb to me! I know that some players play slow on purpose to try and take you out of your rhythm and get you to play overly cautious. That doesn't work on me. I can see that one pocket can take time since its a lot of moves and each player is trying to trap another player.


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Many 'slow players' do it on purpose to shark their opponent. ! hole can take a little
longer to pick a shot, but not 2-5 minutes !!!
I've played for money for about 50 years, and slow players have never been
tolerated ! I have a 2 piece cue that unscrews and I have unscrewed in the
1st game many times. Its BS ! Of course if you're stealing, they can take all
the time they want, as long as they are betting good money.
BTW, 1 pocket is not chess ! I've known many good 1 hole players who
are not that smart, but they play well.
There is no reason to play slow pool. There is no reason for slow play
at golf. I've had friends that I played golf with and 4 of us can play in 4 hours
or less. Just because you don't play well, you can play at a good pace
and have a great time !
In the 50's and 60's, pro golfers played in 4 -5 hours in FOURSOMES !!
Now the prima donnas on tour take over 6+ hours to play 18 holes
Pool is better,But there are too many slow players in pool.
The best pros in pool are the ones that play at a good pace and have
rhythm in their game. Rotation games are best played in rhythm.
Good luck all
Oh, and BB, pushout forever !!!!!!!!!


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I mostly play one pocket, it's is like Chess on a Pool Table, I play slow, it seems to help me make better choices about the game.

I'm a fast player, but the greatest lesson gained in one pocket that helps in all other games is patience. Slow play used to annoy me years ago before I really got into playing one pocket. Straight pool will also teach you how to be more patient.