Favourite stores in NYC to go custom-cue shopping?


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Former student of mine is going to be in NYC early next year. Recommendations? Thanks in advance!

Greetings from Switzerland, David.

„J'ai gâché vingt ans de mes plus belles années au billard. Si c'était à refaire, je recommencerais.“ – Roger Conti


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The only Billiards store i know of in NYC is BLATT Billiards, never been there though and dont know if they carry Custom's !!

Good Luck


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I've been there twice, I remember them carrying Pechauers and some Mezz but I don't remember seeing any custom cues. They're mostly known for tables and custom tables :)


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At Blatt, Victor Stein would be the most knowlegeable. Duc Lam (cuemaster98 on az) and Ken Kerner ( high end cues) would be the first ones I would reach out (private dealers) My perception of a custom cue is a southwest, tascarella, or bender. Danny Barouty at amsterdam billiards is an authorized schon dealer.