Female Players/Pros and Their Cues?


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Hi Sarah! Just read your latest blog post - nice ink! :thumbup:

I had some questions to ask you related to my current situation:

My girlfriend decided in the spring that she didn't want to just watch me shoot anymore and would start learning the game. She took a cue off the wall the first day but all of the house cues at U of I have fiberglass shafts and it just wasn't working for her.

The next day, I brought all of the cues I had, but there were issues with most of them. If it wasn't this, it was that. Suffice to say, this was more than understandable. She's a short 5 feet, I'm a big 6 feet. She has sweaty palms, my hands are bone dry, she has small fingers, I have long fingers, etc. etc.

I put in a feeler for shorter cues here a few months back, but we put the search on hold when we both went home for the summer (I'm from Boston, she's from Manila - both much farther away from Champaign than Bloomington! :lol:).

Anyway, since then, I've seen a bunch of the ESPN women's matches (including some of your own!) and noticed that many if not all of the female pros were using what appeared to be full size cues, with the shorter players utilizing a more forward grip hand position.

In general, is this true of most of the female players you've encountered? What about variances in tip diameter? Would you recommend that my girlfriend just get used to using a full size cue from the get go? I know it's largely personal preference, but she doesn't really have an opinion at the moment. Believe it or not, despite being from Manila, she hasn't touched a cue more than 5 times in her life.

Any answers/advice you could give me would be much appreciated :thumbup:




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Like you said, it is kind of a personal opinion. I have always used a full length cue, since the time I started playing at age 10. Just like your girlfriend, I am only 5 feet tall as well. Recently though, a few different people have been suggesting a shorter cue to me.

Kim Shaw, who you have probably seen on TV, and I were talking recently and she was suggesting a shorter cue. She uses a shorter cue and had my try hers out. She was telling me that there is no need for the extra cue behind you and that you should know your cue is the proper length if it comes up to your shoulders. While that is her opinion, hitting balls, it sort of made since to me. The only problem with using a shorter cue is that they are usually very cheap or expensive because you have to get them custom made. Kim uses a KwikFire cue and you can check their website to see if they make a shorter cue. I'm not sure of the price.

My break cue is shorter and it is the same concept, more power because there isn't anything holding you back behind you. Although, I am still using a normal length cue, I can't seem to get past the fact that I will need to run back for an extension or use the bridge more often. I've always relied on stretching to shoot too many shots to switch to a shorter cue. So I will be sticking with what I have and like for now. Maybe I will give something new a try down the road.

As for the other things, you can get the taper of a shaft taken down if it is too thick for her. You just have to be careful because you start dealing with more deflection and other things the thinner a shaft gets. And for sweaty hands, I'd say invest in a glove. It will always keep things smooth (even those fiberglass shafts at the Union).

Unfortunately there isn't anywhere around our area to try different cues. You have to either buy and hope you like them or try other peoples cues. You can look on the PoolDawg website as well. They have lots of options for cues and are easy to work with. Plus, you can use the code ROUSEY and get a small discount. Also, check with KwikFire as well. They are owned and operated by Kelly Fisher and Val Finnie so they understand the need to find what you are looking for.

Hope that helps a little. Good luck in your search!



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Thanks a bunch for all of the info! It will be put to good use very shortly...