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  • Dear Sarah,
    Would you do me a big favour, please?
    I posted in the Main Forum the thread:
    YOUR highest run outs or other records at Pool and in there is also the following Poll:
    Now VIEW POLL RESULTS: There is *1 person who's pretending, that he seriously ran out 20 or more racks of 9-Ball in a row . . . !?
    (*july9x / Black-Balled did vote the same, but only as joke!)

    The favour I'm asking for:
    Would you please post a short answer, what running out 20 racks of 9-Ball in a row really means? Or at least Poll YOUR own highest number of 9-Ball racks you ever ran out?

    That would be really great from you. Many AZB-Members and myself would for sure appreciate it, if you could explain to those "Wannabe-Professionals" how hard it is (or even quite impossible) to run out 20 or more racks of 9-Ball in a row!

    Anyway you decide I already thank you very much!

    Best wishes from Switzerland to you and yours, Roberto
    Dear Sarah,

    I'm curious in getting a new cue and wanted to ask you about your experience
    with Mezz cues and I hope you could help me. I’ve already looked around several
    forums and a lot of people highly recommended the HP2 shaft, whether with
    Wavy joint or United joint.
    I currently play with a Predator 5K2 with 314²Fat shaft, but now I’m looking
    for a cue with more feel and a better hit and almost the same amount of
    I’ve heard you’re playing with a HP2 shaft and would like to hear about
    your experience with it regarding feel (the hit as well as the feel of the
    taper) and deflection.

    Best regards from Austria,

    Daniel ;)
    How come were not friends here? must have been a admin oversight. So I offer you my electronic friendship here in addition to being your friend in general. I will see you at the Derby, I tried to bet on you in the US open, I was impresed with how you did, thats such a tough tournemrent.

    take care sweetheart, I'll tell Kelly you said hello.

    hey how come you don't come see us anymore?? We miss ya over at the purple site.....

    your crew is great, you dont owe me anything, lets make a plan when were at the Derby-it was fun doing commentary with you. i hope your playing good, i'm just kinda doing my thing, anytime your in Vegas let me know!!! i'm selling out and leaving Vegas but that will take some time
    hi there, I hope you have been doing good out there. lets grab lunch/dinner sometime, As friends only I have Kelly we heen togrther 10 years and U'm the happiest guy you ever met, so no fubby biz, just a nice time, heck we can bring along the crew too(who ever they are)

    best eric
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