Ferrule "feel"


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I cracked my 2nd ivory ferrule, and in light of current laws, I believe it would be less of a hassle to simply replace my broken pieces with a synthetic material.

I have shot with PVC and Aegis. They both seemed too soft for my taste. I wasn't satisfied with the feedback.

Searching through different options, I think I've landed near Tiger Saber T and/or Ivorine4. If I understand correctly, both of those products are relatively close to the same hardness as ivory. Is this true?

From what I have gathered, Tiger Saber T ferrules are slightly less hard than ivory ferrules, while Ivorine4 ferrules are just harder than ivory ferrules.

I'm not sure if my cue's details are pertinent, but it is a 29" 12.75mm Nitti shaft (radial) with a Kamui Clear Soft (black) tip.

Thanks for reading.

Albatross Cues

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I have found good luck using a cue ball for my ferrules. If you can find a cue maker near you that can cut one down and install it you may be surprised with the feel of it.