Ferrules/ferrule-less shafts

Needing weight

AzB Silver Member
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I am starting to see more shafts being made without ferrules, with the Leather tip applied directly to the maple shaft.

And I'm wondering why do pool cue shafts have ferrules in the first place?

What is the purpose of the ferrule?

Are there any advantages/disadvantages to having a shaft without a ferrule?


AzB Silver Member
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I think they are there to protect the shaftwood from damage. Ferrule-less cues use a pad between shaft end/ tip.

I like the color contrast at the end. Not sure I could ever get used to the ferrule not being there.

How would I find the end of the cue, before it hit something? :grin:


Broken Lock
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Less mass = less deflection in the thinking.

I will stick to my short ferrules. I know for a fact my break will DESTROY a ferruless cue. I like my ferrules because they allow me to jump, and break with one cue. but to each his own.

Play enough with any cue, and you'll get good with it. Just my thoughts...