Flat faced shaft on piloted joint?


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Want to try a Players HXT shaft, however, my two main playing cues use a 5/16x18 piloted joint, and everyone seems to be sold out of those. I looked at the Pure X playing cues, and they use a 5/16x18 flat faced joint. If I bought one of the cues, would the flat faced shaft work on a looted joint, or would there be problems? I figured that way, I'd have the shaft, plus the extra cue butt.

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Not a problem whatsoever.
The exposed brass that you are referring to, the pilot, hangs in a void.
The only difference is that your new shaft won't have that part
that your current shaft does that does absolutely nothing anyway.


PS, I believe that you can buy just a shaft separately.
You don't have to buy the whole cue.
Call Seyberts 877.314.2837.
Tell them I sent you.
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Thank you for the speedy,informational reply. Always wondered the purpose of the pilot.


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I make flat faced shafts to replace piloted shafts all the time............ no problem ever..