? for Bartrum and other pool/poker players


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sounds lame but

I like winning at pool. In league for my team or gambling a tough match . Winning a local tourney in front of lots of friends. Poker is just money and strangers. I like playing poker very much no bs to get a game allthough less satisfying.


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This goes back to the simple element of human nature. Nobody likes to lose period, don't matter the game, winning is winning . I also have a deep theory on winning isn't for everyone either, some ppl would rather lose or find ways to lose, it's a real thing


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I used to love to go to the track even though i never won a quarter. I like to play another losing game, Roulette. Im good for about 3 spins and i either score or i walk, its a terrible game but if you get lucky and you got any kind of balls at all, you can run a toothpick into a lumber yard faster than any other game in the casino.
I do know what youre saying though, i have seen some of the funniest things in the world at the track, you cant help but laugh looking at some of the screwballs walking around, lol.

That old movie California Split had some funny racetrack scenes in it, great movie.

AZ billiards is amazing. There are ZERO poker losers on here. Every single person who plays cash poker is winner, and most are winners every time they sit down for at least $10k

I've been playing poker for quite awhile, and I'm yet to find anyone who says there a loser. You can go on 2+2 forums, no losers there either, and there's a ton of players there. It's just how the game is. It's quite funny.


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I can beat a world class field in a tournament playing poker, and have and won 10s of thousands doing so. I will never be able to say that regarding pool, and this is true for many who play both. Poker provides an opportunity, pool provides a wish. Poker is more fun, if you wanted the same excitement in pool... You would have to create a table that will spit balls out even after you made it to up the luck factor. :grin:


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Winning in pool is no big deal.
Winning in poker is no big deal.

That being said.

I probably like winning in poker better then winning in pool.
Only because poker to me is more a battle of the minds, once your %s are calculated.
Pool to me, is just pool. I win, I lose, I don't really care anymore.

Only way I would enjoy winning at pool in the same way i enjoy winning at poker is if I were playing with the backgammon double cube, or with some option that I can up the bet at any time during the run, and my opponent can either accept the bet by betting against me winning or getting out from there, or pay me off.

Plus, i like action and there is just way more action in poker.
Easier to sit down and play poker where everyone thinks they are gods gift and are willing to put up the money to play.
Where pool is like pulling teeth sometimes to get the right game.


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When money is at risk, winning is sweet regardless of what is happening. Winning at pool is much more satisfying in my opinion than winning at poker. The skill/luck ratio in pool is much greater than at poker. You can become a world class poker player in much less time than it would take to become a world class pool player.

I also believe there are a lot more idiots with big money who will sit down and play with far superior poker players than there would be with pool. To a degree, that's not so silly. On any given day, a mediocre poker player can break a world champion. That's not true with pool.


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People seem to try and look at poker the wrong way. Especially since there trying to act as if a Texas holdem tourney is the same thing as a 10 ball tourney. Holdem is a high variance game. It works well for TV. Trying to compare a single tourney to a 10 ball tourney is silly. Of course there's a lot less chance that Ivey will win the main event, than Dennis winning the derby. Poker isn't graded that way. It's a longer grind.

I would compare a Texas holdem tourney to a 3 ball tourney. If you had a 3 ball tourney with the best 7000 players on earth, are you sure Dennis, or svb will win?

There's more variables in poker. Especially tourneys. Draws are huge in poker as well. Hell, seat placement effects your ability to finish well. (If your skilled)


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"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned"

One of my favourite qoutes ever...I guess pool and poker both is a way to win money instead of earning it ;)

I lived off playing poker for about two and a half years...and it was sweet...really sweet...but in that time I also won some money playing and winning pool tournaments...and nothing beats that feeling!

The reason is simple...The amount of luck in poker is so much higher than in pool (both are skill games though) but it takes so much more dedication, talent, imagination, creativity...simply so much more of anything to succeed at pool...because it's sooo difficult!

Of course in poker there is way more money than in pool...but in pool the money is so much harder to get!

So is pool a way of EARNING money instead of winning it? So maybe earning money is sweeter than money won? Who knows...

I love pool as much as anything and that's why I prefer winning at pool all day long.