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  • Hello Michael and Joanne,
    Dear Michael I want at first to thank you very much that you answered almost all I wanted to know about my Schon Unique (except the U-number) (YES, the one who's a copy of the Elite 59...haaa haaa haa...) and I really very appreciated that you cleared out a big part, of these crazy answers I've got on my demand!? (I just wanted to know my cue Id-number and his price!?)
    By the way, you were right. This Schon Unique cue has been purchased originally 2012 from you! Just the black leather wrap isn't original, it has been added later by Steve Lomax! You made a happy man of me today. Thanks again Michael!
    I wish to you, to Joanne and to your staff at OMEGA Cues only the best. Very kind regards from Switzerland, Roberto (al-capool)
    P.S. I would very appreciate, if we could become friends!
    Hi Mike,

    this is Marc Vidal, could you PM me your cell phone, need to talk to you.
    It's about Ivan Belmonte's cases. Thank you
    Hi, I tried to reach Meki regarding the new Magic Ball Rack and apparently he is out of the country. Could you please call me at: 1-800-710-2832 (toll-free) or e-mail me back at: wnance@triad.rr.com to let me know if you have a supply of those racks? I established a commercial account with you a while back and can't find your phone #.
    Wayne Nance
    CueKOTE International Co.
    Greensboro, NC 27410
    yes I will be at the dinner at JA's table, he invited me and Kelly months ago. hope to see you
    Hi Mike I am glad to hear from you and you are allright. I left 3 messages for you in June and never got a return call. I have been selling these off, as I figured I would never hear from you again. I get this all the time, once a dealer gets his free sets, they dissapear , got 3 like this. I have 30 sets left. I will ship them to you , in seperate plastic bags , for $260.00 . We'll need to talk before I start production again. Thanks Jim
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