For Sale - Blackcreek Fullsplice 4 pointer


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Up for sale is a brand new Full Splice 4 pointer delivered at the SBE.

Palisander into BEM
All white is ivory
5/16 x 14 piloted SS 1/2 joint
Triangle tips

Butt - 14.91oz.// 29" // straight
Shaft 1 - 4.65oz. // 13 mm // 29" // straight (test hit)
Shaft 2 - 4.63oz. // 13 mm // 29" // straight (unchalked)


shipped via USPS Priority insured lower 48 states
PayPal preferred

Thanks for looking,
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Beautiful cue you can't go wrong with a blackcreek his cues play as good as any I've ever hit with. Glws


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One of the nicest full splice cues ive seen in a while. Everything about this cue is just bad ass. GLWYS

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This cue is what other cues wanna be when they grow up. :grin-square:

One of the nicest cues on the boards right now...and one of the nicest guys to buy one from!

Insert heavy, desperately wanting *sigh* here.......(for the cue, not Chris)
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$1,500 shipped!!!

A new loaded all white is ivory custom black creek with inlays for the same as one without inlays and without ivory ferrules?! Someone buy this now, it's a deal and half! Great offering!

GLWTS Chris, sweet cue and a cheap price damn,people don't know a deal when they see it.


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AAAAAHHH .....If this was on the marker just two weeks sooner it would be in my hands already.
Just spent it on something similar. seen it in the gallery should of asked if was going up for sale then.:frown::frown:
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1500 shipped is way cheaper then the plain non inlayed version Travis was selling at the expo.. this is a sweet deal and the inlays are a bonus..