Forum members attending 2023 DCC?


Short Bus Russ - C Player
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I will coming for the full tournament, though I have sick for the past two weeks with both a respiratory virus, and a bacterial infection in my face, so not much practice.Should be healthy in another week, before I fly from Germany.

Real name - Russell Chewning

Who else is coming? Bonus for real name, but if not, come up and introduce yourself while you are there..


AzB Silver Member
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I will be there on Wed., going to watch a match at Railyards Billiards then go to the casino on Thur. Staying for Bank and 1 pocket.


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I’ll be around for entire tournament. Probably hanging around the TV table as the default unless some other big match comes up.



I'm better with a wedge!
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went friday and saturday, did not enter banks or 1p (couldnt get away from work next week), but had to go for a couple of days. I dont come over to the forums much any more, but still see and talk to familiar faces from derbys past.


If someone attends and enters only the 9 ball event, are they allowed to watch the other events or do they need to also buy a spectator pass?