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Hey guys, just got registered here! Been playing for about 10 years now, but for some reason never got on any of the forums. :eek: I was lurking around and saw that there are some Huebler collectors on here so I figured I'd pry you guys for some info. :D I just picked this Huebler up off ebay for $266 and I'm looking for whatever you can tell me about it. So far, I know it's fairly old and it's tulipwood. Other than that, I can't say. Sorry for the small pics, I don't have the cue in my hands yet, so this is all I have. Thanks!






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I cant say that I am happy for you....

I was the guy you were bidding against...

I am kenkathy2.

Enjoy the cue, you got a bargin.



Lol, sorry man, I may or may not have sniped it at the last second....:eek:

Funny thing is I was sitting in the parking lot at a hockey game in the car next to a hotel using their wifi to get online and snag the thing. So if it makes you feel any better, I had to go pretty far out of my way to win it. :D

Oh, and I also had a terrible cramp in my leg afterwards, which I had to walk off during the .25 mile to the stadium to get into the hockey game late. What can I say, I like the old Hueblers. I just wanna learn some more about 'em now. :)


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The cue isn't in the latest Blue Book of Pool Cues. Have you tried contacting Mr. Huebler directly? His company's email address is and their phone number is 573-897-2062.


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paul just retired from making cues i heard.......
sharp cue.
might be a keeper for ya.

chris G


Yeah, I tried calling and got no answer, so that seems to support the things I've heard about him closing. I'm definitely keeping this one. I had a couple of newer ones and decided to sell them in favor of some older stuff. This is piece #1 of my future super-duper-whiz-bang Huebler collection. :D Thanks for the responses, guys.


Here are some more pics now that I have it here. The veneer colors really pop when you see it in person. I'm a happy camper. :D






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I think U have a '90 Huebler?

If it has gold letter vertical it would be late seventies to middle eighties (H-11 or H12 from memory), I have a H-14 from that time period very nice old school cue. If it had gold lettering horizontal, it would be middle eighties to nineties and would be H-D. I think since it has black lettering it is from the 90's to present, but I could be wrong?

Here is a picture of my H-14, which was my second league cue after I gave my H-4 to a friend. IMO the old school Huebler's are the best; that have brown and black micarda in the joint collars. The same material used by the master G Balabushka. ;)


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