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  • hey ken its jonathan jones from huntington wv idk if u remember me but a buddy of mine has a few cues for sale a bob runde and a brent summers yell at me if your interested
    Originally Posted by TheNewSharkster View Post
    Somethings cannot be unseen

    that was truly bad, but, i have seen worse in this thread. never can forget it. just don't want to envision it, ever again.
    I paypalled you. I was looking for PM notice and never got it. Then remembered to look here.
    Sucks getting old and stupid.
    You can send me 90.00 if you want to just go ahead and keep it. Thats what i was selling it to Bill for. I'll give Bill his partial payment back. Thats probably an easier option than hauling that monster around. Here is my paypal
    Hey bud, hope all is well down there. I talked to Bill tonight and he said you hadn't got the engine hoist back to him. I told him i'd talk to you. Let me know whats up. Thanks John
    Ken_4fun, I have a Joss west c. 78. I'm interested in selling it, but wanted to know if you'd mind taking alook at it and advise would a reasonable price would be to ask for it. Thanks, rw.. you can go direct at if you wish.
    Hi, ran across your thread on shafts and noticed you stated you have a great cue maker who makes shafts for your cues. Was wondering if I could get the contact information for the cue maker as I have developed a habit of picking up cues that need new shafts. Thanks for your time and assistance!

    hey both of you look familiar what year did you leave springfield? did you hang out at billiards or south street much? were you a bar leaguer. take it easy!
    Hey Ken how's it going yeah i ran Saturday tournements at Dennis' place for 10 years and sunday tournements for about 3 years. they changed blue laws allowing us to open on sundays. did you ever participate in our saturday tourneys i used to fill a 64 man bracket on saturday 3 dollar entry 175% pay back 180 1st 90 2nd 45 3rd it was a great tourney with a hell of a pay back pool was really thriving back then i think i remember youwhich one are you in your avatar picturethe one on the left i ran sundays till my girl friend Karen made me stop working at the bar after she became pregnant. those were the good ole days. great to here from you. Donnie Hale
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I had no idea you were a young'n.

    May today bring you love, peace, and happiness. Oh, yeah. And may you always have ball in hand. :grin:

    Hi Ken
    Hope you made it home safe and sound. Enjoyed our visit at the cue show and will look forward to seeing you at the DCC. Will keep a close lookout for a Dale Perry for you, ha.
    hellz bellz man. You have a solid collection of choice cues. Why do you need a dealer's opinion. They'll only hi-lite who they represent. You're doing fine on your own.
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