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After a great deal of time and expense we have finally come up with a set of forum rules that may work. This new set of rules frees you up to buy and sell more items (including new), but before you buy or sell you need to understand the ground rules:

1) The entire forum is caveat emptor. Let the buyer beware. Neither AZBilliards nor any of its owners, employees or agents makes any claims concerning the value or usefulness of any item offered herein for sale. AZBilliards accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the content of the threads on this forum or for any of the merchandise that is sold here and does not do background checks or any other checks on individuals using this forum. AZBilliards is never to be considered a source of recourse for deals gone bad. We do not inspect merchandise, and we deny any and all liability arising from the use of this forum.

2) If you are going to participate in the " Wanted / for Sale " area of AZB, your items for sale or trade MUST be pool related or strictly offered for trade for a pool related item.

3) Any Posts without an Item For Sale, Trade or Wanted to buy will be deleted.

4) "Price check" threads are not allowed.

5) There will be no cash offers etc. NO EMAIL OR PM YOUR OFFERS Allowed, all Items must have a US Dollar Price LISTED.

6) If you are going to post in another's sale or trade thread, if you are knocking their thread, you will receive warnings and bans as with regular rule violations.

7) You have no right to criticize or complain regarding pictures, prices etc.

8) Everyone is expected to participate in a civil manner and if there are violations, you may report them anonymously via the "report post " button in the upper right hand corner of each post.

9) Either buy from an individual or don't but knocking them is not an option.

10) It is also strongly suggested that you use an escrow service when making any purchase.

11) Over-active bumping is not allowed. If most of the replies to your post are bumps that is overactive bumping. Anything more than a single bump in any 48-hour period is over-bumping.

12) Your use of this forum reflects your consent of these rules and that you will in all ways hold AZBilliards harmless from any liability arising from the use of this forum.

13) All Questions and replies to questions should be done via PM and not in the sales thread. It will be considered a bump to do so. ( Dave Wilson )

14)Not allowed to post Links redirecting to any website on your Sale/Trade threads or posts. It will be deleted

15)Threads without Pictures of the actual item will be deleted

16)Every Thread must have : PRICE (US dollar price only) , Condition, Specs and Pictures ... if not, it will be deleted

17)For Every Member, only allowed 4 posts per day to be on first page (try not to overload first page and give every member a chance to be there for a little)

As always, feel free to ask questions if you don't understand something.
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If there are posts such as "nice cue" etc, these are a bump.

Questions to the OP and replies to such should be done via PM.
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