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  • Hello
    Yesterday i posted some sleeves made by predator and JB Cases for sale and had a couple of folks respond and then the listing disappeared
    I posted prices and listed items

    can you tell me what happened


    Please delete the post I made in the Main Forum; "you're missing the boat....." I spoke about dissing Predator and should not have done that. Thanks so much.
    Mr. Wilson
    I need help deleting my accounts. I only want to keep my original account which is Caesar. Please delete Caesar8222 and Matt Cady. I had to create the Matt Cady account so I could msg you because the Caesar8222 account doesn’t work/ has no posting privledges. Thanks Matt
    Hi I believe I am paid up in dues , yet the section showing cue parts and ask a cue make , that whole section gone . ??/
    Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas Dave, though we go back and forth, I always enjoy our discourse. Hopefully, we both can celebrate the wall being built in 2019, take it easy bud!
    Still can’t do it. Paperclip. Browse. Choose. Upload. Close this window. Then what else? Could it be any harder, no wonder apple took over the world. Im sticking with “needlessly complex.” Wow
    are there any step by step instructions to upload pics for posting. The buttons on the bottom and I don't play well together. Thank you

    Hope you can help? I have received 2 positive iTrader ratings from other members in the last couple of months... but they don't show up in my iTrader totals. Is there a reason why?

    randy morrow
    AZB handle
    Pangit is now sniveling on your message board? How very daring. LOL.
    Hello. Poolmanis here again :grin-square:
    Thanks for sticking 2018 Ghost challenge.

    Could you now un-sticky 2017 thread so that is not there taking too much space from 1st page. Thanks again :)
    Hi. Poolmanis here. Could you switch 2017 Ghost sticky to 2018 one that I created? Please.
    Mr Wilson,

    Back again for the yearly 14.1 forum sticky switch. I created the 2018 one. Can you swap it in as the sticky for the forum?

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