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  • Hello, can u tell me how to delete a wanted post? I no longer am looking for a BK Rush. Can you delete my post?

    Thanks in advance.
    Why does the timeline on some post say "today" and when you check its 3/4/5 months ago? Happens quite a bit. Just curious. Thanks.
    Could you delete the item had shown in the ebay part of wanted/for sale area. I have sold it. Thank you, and glad y'all are back on-line. ~ Johnny Rosato
    I wish I could tell you. I have never used that section and do not know how it works. You can post a question about it in the main forum or contact But without knowing what you did we cannot know what you did wrong.

    I posted a Richard Chudy cue for sale this afternoon. However its not appearing in the wanted for sale area. What did I do wrong? Thanks in advance for any help.

    trying to verify you got my info for the January Gold win....Patty Jackson 31 Spring St Buxton, ME 04093 (207) 929-5626 home (207)468-1431 cell. I just am not sure I replied correctly so I apologize if this is a repeat of the I am pretty excited!
    Jerry, Sorry but I just know noticed your message stating that you never received my funds for gold membership. I did pay on 1-25 through paypal. It is on my bank statement and also listed on my pay pal acct. $34.95 paid to EPPA. Inc.

    Hello, Paid my yearly last week. Looks like it still says silver member under my name. Please let me know if you did not get payment. Thanks mark
    You are full Gold in our databases. We have had some issues with the avatars showing properly and are working on it.
    Can I get my profile to quit showing silver. I'm paid up for 2 years again. Some says silver some says gold, my avatar shows both. Am I missing something on it?
    I posted a for sale thread and made a mistake. I listed the title wrong. I posted Accustats, Brumback, and Immonen. It should be Accustats, Brumback and Lee Brett. I was able to change the title but in the forum it still comes up as my original incorrect post. Can I delete the thread and start over? or can you take Immonen out and put Lee Brett in?

    my mistake, trying to fix it.
    Kevin Lyons.
    Why have I been banned to post a reply in the for sale, and wanted sections? Why do you AZ police
    only believe one side of the story? Don't you think I deserve an explanation? Would you not want a
    reason why?
    You are only a bronze member. You must be at least a silver member (and by now perhaps a Gold Member) to post there.
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