Forum Rules


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This Forum is called Cue Machinery and Supplies.

The following rules are put in place to make this forum a positive informative place where anyone can ask the quality cuemakers who frequent our forum questions.

The forum shall never be used by cuemakers or non-cuemakers to criticize other cuemakers, the quality of their work, or their methods.

All discussions shall be had in a spirit of cooperation with the desire to learn and share knowledge. This means anyone can ask questions and the questions should be answered by cuemakers. Once the cuemaker gives his opinion it is to be taken as such and not to be criticized. There are many ways to build quality cues and there are many variations on opinions of what constitutes quality work. Therefore no one is allowed to start criticizing and slamming other peoples methods. Simply state what you feel is the best method and it should be left at that.

Supply sources can be asked for, but all replies should be sent in the form of Private Messages. This protects our cuemakers supply sources from the general public. Almost no industry shares their wholesale sources with their customer base. So in fairness to our cuemakers we ask that this type of information be handled through Private Messages.

These rules are meant to enhance the standard rules which are already in place and are expected to be followed by all participants.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask Mike Howerton ( Azhousepro ) or Dave Wilson ( Mr. Wilson ).

If you need to report rule infractions, there is a button in the right hand corner of each post that you can use to anonymously report to us with.